HTIS | Connecting You with Your Doctor Anytime Anywhere
HTIS | Connecting You with Your Doctor Anywhere Anytime
This is a comprehensive online electronic medical record storage and retrieval system, which offers Convenience, Confidentiality and maintains Comprehensive Health Record retrospectively and prospectively for every patient.
This module allows any doctor authorised by the patient to view patient's records in part / totality anytime anywhere.
This model assists patients, doctors and other healthcares in Diagnosis, Treatment and Management of various diseases / disorders.
Features of
E-PMRC is a comprehensive online medical record storage and retrieval tool developed for storing and retrieving Patient Medical Records anytime, anywhere.
Data is stored in a highly secured environment.
Simple design with minimum graphics for faster & easier downloads even with low bandwidth Internet connectivity.
Simple and easy data entry for even a child can maintain it's own medical records.
Records can be electronically sent for specialists' referrals.
User-friendly operation.
Minimum clicks for the patients to view/add their own medical records.
Minimum clicks for the Doctor to reach their patients' record.
Tabular and Graphical view for serial data.
User defined parameters in Graphical view.
Dynamic appointment scheduler with daily, weekly, fortnightly and monthly schedules for doctors to fix appointments for patients.
Automated reminder service informing patients about their doctor visits, follow – up, clinical lab investigations, etc.,
Modular type design, flexible for improvements and customization in any other medical specialty.
This application can be used to store, and access Patient Medical Records interfacing with all the latest gadgets like Handheld / Palmtops, Tablet PC's, Chip embedded smart cards, Mobile phones etc.
E--PMRC & Online chat facility provides a secure platform for confidential interaction between the doctors and their patients.
This Product is codified with ICD 10 CM Codes & THIN Codes.
HTIS | Connecting You with Your Doctor Anywhere Anytime
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