HTIS | Connecting You with Your Doctor Anytime Anywhere
HTIS | Connecting You with Your Doctor Anywhere Anytime
Comprehensive Health & Hospital Information Management Enterprise Solution
This is a first of its kind readymade Comprehensive Enterprise Solution integrating Electronic Patient Medical Record (EMR) with a Hospital Management Information System (HMIS) system enabling paper / file less system in hospitals.
This readymade unique solutions is easily customizable to be implemented in any small, medium, large corporate hospitals & Specialty Hospital Chains.
This comprehensive solution provides both clinical and administrative modules under single framework with utmost security and confidentiality that can be accessed both in an Intranet / Internet or Integrated environments.
Features of
No need for a Physical Medical Records Department Storage Space.
Much superior than Digitised Data Solutions.
Highly Interactive User Interface with Customisable Dashboards.
EMR System helps in managing Multi Specialty Patient Clinical Data.
HMIS helps in managing the Administrative, operational, financial and management process.
Data is stored in a highly secured robust and reliable environment.
Integrated Biometric Login for Doctors', Nurses', Staffs & Patients' (Instant Patients' Search)
Dynamic Patient Visit, Episode & Discharge Summary Module.
Customisable Administrative and Management Reports Generation Module.
Customisable Insurance Electronic Case Sheet Reporting Modules for Speeder Health Insurance Settlements.
Can be implemented in Intranet, Internet & Integrated environments.
Appointment scheduler.
Provides instant retrieval of patient data.
Intelligent Data Analytics that can be customised to individual user's requirements.
Automated reminder service informing patients about their doctor visits, follow – up, clinical lab investigations, etc. through SMS and Email.
HTIS | Connecting You with Your Doctor Anywhere Anytime
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